5 in 1 Inflatable Combo

Inflatable 5in1 Combo House Rental

4in1 Combo Bounce House Rental Kansas City 2014!!!!

5in1 Combo Bounce House Rental Kansas City 2014!!!!

This 5in1 Inflatable Combo has been a big hit since its addition to the rental rotation.  Kids of all ages have had nothing short of a great time with the Combo Bounce House at their parties. This unit combines to compactness of a traditional moon bounce house, with the interactivity of a basketball hoop, climbing wall, slide and tunnel all featured on the interior of the unit.  Take a look at the gallery to what the inside looks like.  Our galleries are listed on the above title menu, just click on Gallery and have a gander. This unit usually rents for around $220-$260  Depending on area of the metro and setup location.  This is a heavy unit and is difficult to move around, it is nice if we can get the truck close to the setup area, if you have a small gate to the backyard please be sure to let us know, we need a gate that is at least 3′ wide to get the combo inflatable through while rolled up. Our guys aren’t picky though, we haven’t ran into an obstacle we couldn’t conquer.


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