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Step 1: Select the date you want.
Step 2: Select the time frame. (additional charge after 5 hours)
Step 3: Select the equipment you would like.
Step 4: Checkout and fill in all required information as well as special comments you would like us to know.
Step 5: Pay $50 deposit with Credit Card. (call our office to pay deposit with other means 816-309-0646)



Party Inflatable Rentals Available NOW!!!

Inflatable Rentals Are A Big Hit

Bounce House and Inflatables are always a big hit at any party. Birthday parties are always the best when there is some inflatable entertainment going on. We have helped with some pretty intense parties already this year. Don’t miss the opportunity to book your event. Weekends are filling up fast, don’t wait to make your reservation. We are adding several new units next week. You will get to see them under soon. We are so excited to be able to offer Kansas City families so many different bounce house and slide rental options. We feel that it is very important to have a diverse collection of equipment rental options. Every year will be adding to our inventory. Have gotten some interesting requests that we will be trying to fulfill in the years to come.

Some of the new rental items that we will be picking up this weekend include:
24′ Double Lane wet/dry slide with slip n slide attachment or pool attachment
20′ Wet/Dry Slide with slip n slide & pool attachments
18′ Wet/Dry Slide with slip n slide & pool attachments
16′ Wet/Dry Slide
14′ Wet/Dry Slide
4in1 Combo Inflatable

Our New Popcorn Machine arrived the other day. It look very nice. It has a large kettle for keeping up with crowd, as well as a bottom warmer to keep popcorn hot n fresh. Really excited to get it rented out this year. Think we will be testing it’s functionality this week.

Popcorn Machine Rental 8oz

Popcorn Machine Rental 8oz

Call now to make your birthday party or corporate event rental reservation. Inflatable rentals are always a big hit at birthday parties. Adult parties can benefit from bounce house rentals as well, they help keep the kids entertained, of course Water Slide Rentals are always a perfect option for Grown-Up parties. The 38′ Obstacle Course Rental is proving to be one our most popular inflatable rentals here in Kansas City. We will be looking to add another one, maybe an Obstacle that is even bigger.

We are also hoping to be able to open up a formal shop to work out of. Running bounce houses from a retail/flex space would be much more convenient. Also we will be offering computer services provided by They have an impressive track record for keeping Kansas City Computers running smoothly and virus free. They also offer iPhone, iPad, Android, and Laptop Screen Replacement.


Bounce House Rentals Kansas City Spring 2015

Moon Bounce House Rentals: 2015 Season has begun

The weekend ritual of writing the schedule, cleaning the equipment, getting up early to load the trucks, driving all day for deliveries is once again upon us. Spring is coming super fast this year! We already have 5 rentals for March, and it just started. Thank you Kansas City for being such a fun and happening place to live. Parties around every corner of this Paradise in the Heartland. We are pleased to be a part of all that happening. Sure we don’t promote big events with the next big pop star. Kids certainly love it when we show up to make their birthday party big hit. Busting out the Moon Bounce Houses, Castles and Obstacle Courses, Slides and Dunk tanks. Sugar blast them with some fresh Cotton Candy and it will be a grand party, hard to be outdone by the neighbors.

Water Slides Coming & Block Parties Galore

If you haven’t been invited to our first (hopefully) annual block party bounce house celebration, consider it done. We will be hosting a block party in the northland Kansas City near the Nashua area. This event should take place on a Sunday, sometime toward the end of May or beginning of June. What a great way to kick off the

Double Lane 25' Dry Slide Rental

Double Lane 25′ Dry Slide Rental

beginning of Summer for all the kids that don’t have school. It’s more like a “Congratulations, you passed” kind of party. Kids from all ages. Our neighborhood consists of mainly children ages 7-13, all ages are certainly invited to this shindig. Plans for the day include: Neighborhood BBQ Contest, A local DJ, maybe some Karaoke, Water Slides, Dunk Tank, Bounce House and Obstacle. It’s a great way for all the neighbors to get to know one another. One big FIESTA!!!

Grown-Up Party Inflatable Rentals & Cotton Candy

By now I am sure you know that a Bounce House with Cotton Candy is the perfect addition to any birthday party, but did you realize that if you use an inflatable rental at your adult parties, it will keep the kids

She thinks cotton candy is yummy.

Cotton Candy Girl Birthday Party

entertained for hours of grown-up party time. Yes, of course, even grown-ups can play on the bounce house and inflatable equipment too. We have had several calls lately asking about weight limits on these inflatables. I am not a little guy, and get up there myself with the kids every now and then to have fun, as well as perform the cleaning rituals that are required from time to time. The Large Castle has a 1000 LB weight limit per the manufacturers label, some of the others are upward of 600-800 LB limits. The Dunk Tank can easily handle up to a 350 LB person on the seat. It is constructed of all welded steel parts, it is built to be a tough and long term investment, cost a small fortune too.

Call or email now to inquire about your Moon Bounce House Rental for the Kansas City area. We have many to choose from, take a look at our inventory at the top of the page. You are certain to find something that will make your little one’s party a major success. Bounce Houses are great for all ages and all events. Rentals of Bounce Houses are very common with school carnivals, school fun days, and fund raisers. Churches frequently rent inflatables for their fun days to kick off the nice weather. Corporate events are always a big success when you bring out our big inflatable slides and bounce houses. There just isn’t much out there that can entertain a crowd like giant inflatable castles and slides.

Bounce House Rental Season 2015 Beginning Well

Well this year is already proving to be our busiest yet! We already have appointments set for April, May, June, and August. Still have plenty of availability but don’t hesitate to call to set up your party, we will be filling up fast.
Don’t forget we are going to Florida this month to buy a bunch more equipment. Big giant long water slides with pool and slip n slide attachments. Combo units. Cotton candy & snowcone machines. Just bought a popcorn machine a couple days ago. It should be arriving within the next week or so.
Pass us around. Talk to your friends. Plan your parties and corporate events or fund raisers. We are getting prepared to take on the really big events.

If you have used us in the past, please write a post and tag this page on there. Other people truly are interested in hearing your feedback and so are we. This is how we improve our services and exposure.

Important notice!!!!!!!
We are at the point where we need to hire a few good people. If you know someone that has what it takes, have them give us a call. Heavy lifting and driving skills required. There isn’t much work out there as exciting as this. Pays good too.


Bounce Rentals To Be Huge This Year!

Bounce & Slide Rentals for 2015

With spring fast approaching, we are preparing for the biggest rental season yet. Here are some of the plans we have in mind.

1700 square foot warehouse & office to store our inflatables.
Two more delivery trucks to run rentals.
Looking for three or four new drivers to conduct rentals & one good person to be sort of an office manager.

Planning on heading to Florida to pick up 3 big water slides, 3 slip n slides, pool attachments for slides, 2 Dunk Tanks, Cotton Candy, Snowcone & Popcorn machines, as well as some other bounce house & combo units. This trip should nearly double our inventory for rentals.IMG_1685

Rentals Help Wanted

If you know of anyone that would like to make extra money running deliveries, we would be happy to hear from them. We prefer someone that is extremely punctual (like early to everything), can lift heavy objects and put forth serious effort when needed, having own truck is preferred. This is an opportunity for him/her to make between 150-300 a day on weekends. We are usually booked solid on Saturday & Sunday and usually have several appointments during the week as well. You essentially get to tell me what days you want to work, we will call or text you regularly to see if you want to pickup a day if it is not already covered. You are not required to take it. We are seeking several people for this position that are willing to work periodically, or seeking two people that are wanting to work all the time. My guys say this is the easiest job they have ever had. Kind of goes like this.

  1. Show up to shop to collect contracts
  2. Load up proper equipment
  3. Drive to appointment, setup, collect
  4. Drive to subsequent appointments, setup, collect
  5. Take a break for a few hours if there is a layover between pickups
  6. Drive to rentals for pickup based on a schedule, take down equipment, load up
  7. Return to shop to unload, turn in money, get paid.


That pretty much sums it up. Having the ability to drive truck with a small trailer on the back is a plus, we can teach you if needed.water slide

  • Reliable
  • Strong
  • Honest
  • Drivers’ License
  • Truck
  • Insurance
  • GPS for sure
  • Above all you must be a nice person


Pay goes like this:
No truck – $15/hr + fuel
Have own truck – $20/hr + fuel
Don’t want to work a full day? Cool, neither do I, pick up half a day, or just a rental or two.
Schedule is usually planned out the evening before. Last minute rentals come in all the time though.

Rental season usually begins in March and gets seriously busy by May


If you are unfamiliar with the equipment you will be delivering, take a look around our site, it’s all pretty self explanatory. Bounce Rental Information and Examples Kansas City


Check out all the good stuff we added in 2014

In the past we have had an overwhelming amount of rentals, to the point we needed to add to the inventory in a hurry. So we made the long drive to New York to pickup a bunch of equipment. We are hoping to be able to accommodate your rental requests more effectively. Now we have the ability to schedule really big parties and fundraisers. Featuring everything from bounce houses and combos, obstacle courses, slides and dunk tanks, and sport activities. Cotton Candy, snow cones, sand art, and spin art make great additions to the rentals. Go to this page for plenty of information on our new inflatable rentals that are available.

Make your reservation soon. We don’t like to say “I’m sorry but that day is completely booked”. It seems we have to say that less and less these days, thanks to the addition of all the new equipment. I have to tell you though, there are some really hot days and squeezing anymore rentals into those days would be very difficult. Call before you confirm a day for the event, this will help us accommodate your needs.

Bounce rentals make for a great party. Don’t be the one left holding the hose, call now to make your party rental reservation.

Big Party with Dunk Tank, Giant Slide and Large Castle.  Add Cotton Candy and SnowCones.

Big Party with Dunk Tank, Giant Slide and Large Castle. Add Cotton Candy and SnowCones.

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